Monday, December 1, 2008

Sample Strips!

Rocket ScienceMilking
I've been debating whether or not to post some sample strips. I still don't have a whole lot of strips that are completely done. I've basically got a bunch written, some drawn, and these ones inked and coloured. I realize that these aren't comedic gold or anything... That's partly why I'm posting them. Why would I give away my best material before I even get my site up? I found these funny when I wrote them but I'm not sure if I still do. I do have comics planned that I know are funny. If anyone does find these funny (or doesn't) then I'd like to know.

I might not even use these strips. I drew them cause right now I'm trying to just get some experience doing finished strips and these were some of my simpler ones. I'm still trying to decide on some artistic details (you may notice that the way I colour the windows changes from strip to strip) so I would appreciate any feedback on the overall look of the strips.