Sunday, August 8, 2010

What was your first paying job?

Technically it was making comics for Woody After Hours ( I can't believe that I got the most awesome first paying job ever.

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Was there one specific moment or event that inspired you to do what you do? Or was it something that you simply "fell into"?

I'm assuming that you mean comics? I don't think there was any specific moment but I wouldn't exactly say that I "fell into it" either. When I was a kid I knew I wanted to either be an artist, a writer, or a comedian before I could draw, write, or tell a joke. So naturally I gravitated towards comics.

However, I'm kinda embarrassed about this but the first thing that really pushed me to make comics was the "Captain Underpants" books. If you're not familiar with them they're about two kids who make comics about a superhero who literally wears nothing but underpants. For some reason, as an seven year old boy, this is a hilarious concept.

In one of the books they had a "how to make your own comics" section. This inspired me and my brother to start making our own Captain Underpants comics with pencil crayons and staple them together. Eventually we started to make comics about our own characters who were mostly animals that were also superheroes. So I guess that's my big moment of inspiration that turned my life around: reading Captain Underpants.

Ask me things!